About me

Clarity in your marketing is the key to reaching new customers and unlocking business growth.

So I know how frustrating it is when you struggle to connect with the customers you want to serve. You’ve likely wondered if there was a marketing agency or consultant that could develop a marketing plan to lift the fog and grow your sales. I get it.

You shouldn’t have to waste your time and effort on marketing that doesn’t move the needle on sales growth. After 10 years’ leading the in-house marketing team at Rodda’s, I realised that most businesses simply don’t have the tools to communicate clearly with their audience.

That’s why I set up Cornish Marketing Consultancy: To help businesses like you to clarify your message, create a clear marketing process and be confident in your success. In just 3 years since launch, I’ve helped nearly 50 organisations speak clearly about what they do, stand out from the competition, and grow sales.

Marketing only works when your message and plan is clear. So say goodbye to random acts of marketing and confusing messaging.

Instead, welcome proven frameworks and clear messages; marketing that works.

I have been awarded a Fellowship of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, and I am a StoryBrand certified guide and Business Made Simple certified coach; I’ll help you craft a clear message and plan so you can enjoy the measurable growth you’ve been dreaming about.

Are you ready to grow?

If you solve your customers’ problems, if you make a difference to their lives – they will listen to your story. Your business deserves to be heard.

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