Can the number 7 transform your marketing success?

Rule of 7 transforms marketing success

The rule of 7 is the old marketing adage of the 1930’s. It assumes that your prospect needs to come across your message a MINIMUM of seven times before they will take action to buy your product or service. Forget it at your marketing peril. Why the rule of 7? Well, it’s quite possible that


8 questions you MUST ask about your target market

8 questions to ask about your target market

In today’s world, finding the right target market for your products or services is vital. No-one can afford to target everyone; it is quite simply a waste of both your time and financial resources. The answer? You need to refine your market and focus your efforts. Defining your target market is a process which so


How to supercharge your marketing objectives

How to write marketing objectives to drive real growth

4 reasons marketing objectives are vital for your business Ever jumped straight into a marketing task, immediately planning the tactics (action items) without first thinking about your goals and marketing objectives?  It is a common mistake. You don’t feel as if you have the time to plan, you just want to get going and do


7 reasons you need a marketing plan

Man deciding why you need a marketing plan

Why do you need a marketing plan? I have heard so often that a marketing plan is something that feels to big a piece of work, it sounds daunting and feels intimidating.  It needn’t be; your plan should be about boiling things down in to basic and logical steps, with each element laying the foundation


3 reasons why pink Germolene was a master-class in marketing

Germolene: inspiring brand loyalty beyond reason

Pink Germolene. If you want a single lesson in how to inspire brand loyalty beyond all reason, this is it. My husband is addicted to the stuff. Any spot, scratch or scrape and out would come that ‘magic pink cream’ that would make it better …and make it better instantly. No ifs, no buts, no

Customer focus

Refusing my request improved my customer experience.

What a chef taught me about the value of customer experience

Since becoming an independent marketing consultant a few months ago I have so often been asked about brand and how to build a successful brand strategy. Following this is often a question about marketing communications or the role of social media. However your marketing communications are only a small part of the story. The next stage


What is a brand?

I was lucky enough to speak at the Expo West 2018 food and catering trade show this week. Three days and five speeches about ‘How to build a successful brand’. Surprisingly, my first challenge was to find a decent definition to describe ‘what is a brand’. The definition of brand Look to the Oxford English

Customer focus

Why knowing your customer is your top priority

Know your customer - to do list

How well do you know your customers? You need your customers more than they need you. So getting to know your customer; continuing to understand them; and doing this better than any of your competitors should be your top priority. If you have been in business for a number of years, there is a good