Marketing books: 5 that will change the way you do business in 2020

Confucius said, “You can’t pick up a book without learning something.” But it’s not just about what you learn, it’s what you do with the knowledge from the marketing books that matters. That’s why I recommend these five. Each has influenced what I do, the way I market, and the advice that I give.

  1. Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller

Why do I recommend it?
Everyday, the majority of business leaders make a single mistake which costs them money. They don’t communicate clearly what they do and why it matters to their customers.

Building a StoryBrand is the revelation that the marketing industry was looking for. This book teaches you to use the 7 elements of story to forge deeper relationships with your customers. It’s simple and powerful.

It will transform the way you speak to customers so people understand your message and act on it. The best part? It’s a proven to work. The more you implement the advice, the more your sales will grow. I am a StoryBrand certified guide, so you could argue I am biased… but then again, I’ve seen the results first-hand.

2. Talk Triggers by Jay Baer

Why do I recommend it?
If you want to get your mind buzzing with marketing ideas that work, you’ll want to read this. For decades we’ve known the importance of word-of-mouth marketing, but have you developed a strategy for actually cultivating it – or do you leave it to chance?

Talk Triggers will remind you that being good is simply not good enough. Customers only talk about you when you’re remarkable, relevant, and different. If you want to stop leaving word-of-mouth to chance, this book should be your next read.

3. Marketing Made Simple by Donald Miller

Why do I recommend it?
Quite simply, a sales funnel equals survival. Newly launched in March 2020, this guide to the StoryBrand framework will be your ultimate checklist to applying it across the 5 key customer touchpoints. It’s an actionable roadmap for creating a sales funnel to drive growth for your business.

Read Building a StoryBrand first. If you love it and you can see how it will revolutionise your messaging, Marketing Made Simple is your next step.

This is marketing book

4. This is Marketing by Seth Godin

Why do I recommend it?
No list of marketing books would be complete without at least one title by the great marketing guru that is Seth Godin. They’re all classics. However, if I have to choose, This is Marketing is particularly relevant and insightful in the current climate. If you believe marketing is about empathy and the people that you serve, you should read this book. If you don’t believe it… then you should definitely read this book.

Marketing rebellion book

5. Marketing Rebellion: The Most Human Company Wins by Mark Schaeffer

Why do I recommend it?
To be honest, this one had me at the title. Schaeffer highlights that two-thirds of the touchpoints during the evaluation phase of purchases are influenced by human-driven marketing activities. Put simply, that means that two-thirds of your marketing results are not actually driven directly by you. For most marketers, that fact alone should be one to make you stop and think.

Marketing Rebellion is £16.99 well worth spending.

I hope that you dig into these books, study them, and enjoy them in the way that I have. Which marketing books that have changed the way you do things? Please share in the comments below and I’ll add them to my wish list.

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