Marketing messaging is key to driving revenue

Your words matter. Clear marketing messaging is the key to business growth.

Yet, less than 1% of businesses are estimated to be able to clearly state why they should matter to their customers’ lives. Being able to explain this clearly and succinctly makes your products and services easier to sell. It’s your route to growing sales, retaining clients and staying ahead of the competition.

Marketing messaging benefits your business

The business benefits are clear to implementing marketing messaging. Here are some of the key advantages:

1. Increased engagement on social media

By speaking clearly in the language of your customers you create compelling social media that is interesting, memorable and creates action. Social media shouldn’t be about throwing out random posts to see what sticks. That’s a waste of both time and money.

So, make your message clear and compelling. The result? Your social media will be effective in increasing reach, engagement and impact.

2. Improved SEO

Clear words feature more highly in keyword searches. Rarely do we search using cute and creative language, and yet our websites are full of them. Keep your messaging clear, and Google will thank you – by way of rankings. 

3. Better conversion rates

Being found online doesn’t in itself drive revenue growth. Converting your browsers into buyers is what makes the cash register ring. If a browser can’t figure out immediately if you are the company to help them solve their problems, they will look for another business that can.  

Too often the focus is driving volume of traffic. But if your site isn’t converting, more traffic won’t help. A clear message will convert more of your valuable traffic into the buyers that your bottom-line needs. 

Key takeaway….

If your website isn’t creating the sales that you are looking for, creating a clear message is the place to start. 

4. Increased customer loyalty

Clear and consistent messaging builds trust and trust builds loyalty. If a customer knows what you stand for and how much you care, repeat purchase is more likely. 

5. Increased referrals

If it is easy to understand what your business does and why it matters, it is also easier to talk about it to others. Make it clear what you do so your customers feel confident in spreading the word for you. Remember, according to writers’ block live, 85% of small businesses are found due to word of mouth marketing. It delivers a staggering 5x more business than paid media. So make sure that it’s easier for customers to refer you, it’s a no-brainer.

6. Reduced price comparisons

Speaking with clarity reduces the perceived risk for your customers. If your message builds confidence and trust by quickly showing that you understand your customers’ needs, you’ll build trust and price won’t be as much of an issue.

Clarity with your marketing message helps you stand apart from your competition and be remembered. It will help your business cut-through the noise, connect with your customers and grow sales. Allowing you to ‘own’ your message this IS your competitive advantage. The human brain moves away from confusion and towards clarity. So customers are more likely to buy from your business when your communication is clear.

7. More sales!

I don’t really need to say this – but the net result of a clear message? More impact and more sales. Start communicating clearly and watch what it does to your bottom line.

How much would your sales benefit from clear marketing messaging?

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