Can the number 7 transform your marketing success?

The rule of 7 is the old marketing adage of the 1930’s. It assumes that your prospect needs to come across your message a MINIMUM of seven times before they will take action to buy your product or service. Forget it at your marketing peril.

Why the rule of 7?

Well, it’s quite possible that in the first few times of exposure, your potential clients won’t even register you. Don’t take offence. They’re being bombarded with marketing messages all day, every day, and they’re certainly not sitting waiting for your particular advert to pop up on their screens.

It’s not that they don’t like you the first time around, they just don’t know you yet… and there are too many messages out there, and too many that simply aren’t true. Customers are wary creatures. So, they need the chance to get to know you, trust you and like you before they’ll consider taking action in your favour.

To get them to make that all important purchase, you need to nurture them. Prove why you are different from all the others. You need to prove that you value what they value, and that your product or service is somehow going to make their lives better. This takes time. Seven times?


In today’s fast-paced world,  10, 20, 50 or even 100 times maybe nearer the mark. But you get the drift. Consider that on social media, for example, we scroll 6 times quicker that we would ordinarily read. With all that speed, capturing real attention is hard.

Four key ways to make the rule of seven work for you.

1. Add value

Add value to prospective customers lives by getting to know them and delivering engaging and valuable content.
Think: education, entertainment and evoking emotion.

If your content doesn’t tick at list one of these three boxes, you might want to ask what purpose it serves at all. It may be counter-intuitive but the less you try to sell to your customers, the more you actually do. Build relationships based on trust and a genuine desire to help.

2. Be multi-channel

I was reminded of this this week when a prospective client sent me an email asking to engage my services. After a lovely initial conversation I remembered to ask where she had heard about me. “Google” came the reply. “…and Twitter and LinkedIn. You just seem to keep popping up everywhere.” Am I everywhere? No. Am I everywhere my customers are? I try to be. Getting your business out there on multiple channels might just be the key to success here. Your blog, social media or email list… and don’t forget that not all of life happens online. Offline can be equally effective. The old ways still often work best.

3. Have a strategy

The trick is to have a strategy that engages with customers throughout their buying journey. Don’t forget those who are perhaps just not ready to buy yet, or those that have already purchased (so that you can encourage/remind) them to buy more. Equally important is that by engaging with the latter you can encourage them to recommend you to their friends. Without doubt, that’s the most effective kind of marketing you can do.

4. Make frequency and consistency part of your strategy

I have to confess, I myself have fallen foul of this one. So this blog is written partly as a reminder to me to try harder. The problem is that as your business gets busier you forget, or don’t think you have time, to put in the groundwork. But as we know, groundwork builds the foundation of a strong business.

Therefore, no matter what your marketing strategy or how busy you are, consistency is key. Being disciplined is what KEEPS you busy. Set yourself a plan, and stick to it. Be patient. Learn what works (and what doesn’t) and keep going. Your customers and your sales figures will thank you.

Are you looking to ace your marketing? Remember that seven may be your lucky number.

Are you looking to engage more customers? Looking for ways to make the rule of 7 work for you? If you would like any help in planning or delivering your marketing content, drop me a line and I will be happy to help.

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