Can the number 7 transform your marketing success?

Rule of 7 transforms marketing success

The rule of 7 is the old marketing adage of the 1930’s. It assumes that your prospect needs to come across your message a MINIMUM of seven times before they will take action to buy your product or service. Forget it at your marketing peril. Why the rule of 7? Well, it’s quite possible that


8 questions you MUST ask about your target market

8 questions to ask about your target market

In today’s world, finding the right target market for your products or services is vital. No-one can afford to target everyone; it is quite simply a waste of both your time and financial resources. The answer? You need to refine your market and focus your efforts. Defining your target market is a process which so


How to supercharge your marketing objectives

How to write marketing objectives to drive real growth

4 reasons marketing objectives are vital for your business Ever jumped straight into a marketing task, immediately planning the tactics (action items) without first thinking about your goals and marketing objectives?  It is a common mistake. You don’t feel as if you have the time to plan, you just want to get going and do


7 reasons you need a marketing plan

Man deciding why you need a marketing plan

Why do you need a marketing plan? I have heard so often that a marketing plan is something that feels to big a piece of work, it sounds daunting and feels intimidating.  It needn’t be; your plan should be about boiling things down in to basic and logical steps, with each element laying the foundation


Why quit a job you love?

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It’s the question so many people have been asking me over the past few months. For 9 years I loved my role at Rodda’s as Marketing Manager. It is a family business with fantastic values, wonderful people that I truly admire, and great products. Why then would I ever consider leaving? The answer is this. My