How can the Cornish Marketing Consultant help you?

As a marketing consultant based in the heart of Cornwall, I deliver straight-talking strategic advice which will help your business to fulfil its potential. Having been responsible for the delivery of an effective marketing strategy at Rodda’s for almost 10 years, I have first-hand experience of what works, and how best to deliver it. Regardless of the scope or size of your marketing needs, I can tailor a package to suit you.

Marketing audit

Want a health check on your current marketing activity and plan? A marketing audit is the best way to get to understand what you are doing well as well as identifying areas to improve your marketing effectiveness.

Marketing plan:

Are you looking for a marketing plan to have confidence in? A strong strategy and plan will give you a sense of direction you need. It will ensure that you concentrate your efforts on effective and efficient activities that truly deliver; helping you make the most of your precious resources, time and money.

I will start by looking at where you are now. In a collaborative (and hopefully fun!) process we will work together to uncover your key issues, opportunities and understanding your customers. The next step is looking at where you would like to be, before deciding the most effective way to get there. And when this is done? I will happily stay around for as long as you need me to support the implementation of your plan.

Marketing mentoring:

With marketing mentoring I can help your team to get ahead with marketing tools and thinking, helping ensure proper execution of campaigns. As your marketing consultant, I will always be on hand to offer objective clarity for your business. With actionable and relevant guidance, this perfect way to empower your in-house team to get the results you need.

Bespoke package:

Every business is different. That’s the joy of it. So, I will happily tailor a package to suit the individual needs of your business.

Interested in finding out more? Drop me a line for a no obligation conversation.