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If you’re like me, you don’t want to waste money on marketing that doesn’t work. Most businesses have been attracted by shiny new websites, social media or offline campaigns only to find that they don’t drive the growth they are looking for. As a marketing consultant in Cornwall,  I understand that businesses want to make smart marketing choices. Yet they find it hard to communicate their message clearly, to connect with online customers and motivate them to buy.

Marketing can be frustrating for small businesses. They know how important it is in growing sales, but simply aren’t seeing a return for their efforts.  It’s wrong that businesses invest time and money in marketing that doesn’t work.

That’s why I set up a marketing consultancy. To help businesses clarify their messaging, understand the marketing process and enjoy the success that they deserve.

With almost a decade of experience as Marketing Manager of Rodda’s, I learnt the strategies needed to integrate online and offline communications, and deliver sales growth year after year.

As a chartered marketer and Storybrand certified guide, I am committed to helping businesses lose the confusion. I know that you want to feel in control of a clear plan and see measurable results. Since setting up business as a marketing consultant in Cornwall, I have helped clients just like you across a variety sectors ranging from PR to joinery, tech, IT security and education industries to clarify their message and deliver business success.

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