Which of these marketing sins are you committing?

If you’re a business owner, you probably feel that marketing is difficult and confusing.

With so much conflicting advice, it’s easy to miss what’s really important for marketing success. And that’s costing you money.

So what are the most common marketing sins that are stifling your growth?

Marketing sin #1: Creating marketing that doesn’t have a clear single offer.

Marketing material that includes too many offers, or none at all, is likely to be a waste of your money.

Why? Because if you’re not clear with your reader, they won’t take action. And, if they don’t take action, your sales won’t grow!

That doesn’t mean the offer needs to dominate your copy. But it should be there — every single time.

Marketing sin #2: Trying to fix your marketing before you’ve clearly defined your message.

Not creating a clear message is the most common problem I come across. Most peoples’ marketing is WAY too confusing.

But know this. The confused mind will never buy. So, think carefully about the words you’re using…

Create a marketing message that is clear, simple and memorable. The easier your message is to repeat and remember, the more effective your marketing will be…

And the more your ideas will spread. Find out how, with the Human Marketing System.

Marketing sin #3: Not focusing on your customer.

At the end of any marketing communication is a person. And that person has a pain they want to solve.

Yet too often, marketers focus on selling their product rather than helping customers resolve their problems. This is a back-to-front approach.

Focus on your customer first. Show you understand them. And they will reward you… with sales.

Marketing sin #4: Believing the more you spend, the better results you’ll get.

The notion that you have to spend a lot on marketing is, quite frankly, wrong. The world is full of businesses that have enjoyed colossal success on shoestring budgets.

So don’t fall into the trap of focussing on big-budget ideas and missing the traditional marketing tactics that can deliver fantastic results:

  • Networking.
  • Referral programs.
  • Testimonial gathering
  • Employee engagement Ignore these at your cost. In marketing, big is not always better. Look for the easy wins first. Your bottom line will thank you.

    Marketing sin #5: Focusing on making sales rather than building relationships.

    This one’s a biggie. Many marketers (and not just the newbies either) believe the role of marketing is to make the sale or create a lead. But that sort of transactional approach is costly. A more effective method of generating profitable growth is to use marketing to build relationships with customers. But what does that mean in practice?

    It means using marketing to nurture customers along their journey from prospects to customers, and from customers to loyal (and referring) fans… Nurturing customers along this journey is the most cost-effective marketing you’ll ever do.

    Remember: loyal customers are profitable ones. The job of marketing is to create that loyalty.

    Which of these mistakes are costing your business money?
    Getting it right is easier than you think. So, book a FREE 45-minute strategy session, and you can start getting the results you deserve within the week.

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