What is StoryBrand, and how can it benefit your business?

Sadly, a lot of marketing today is a waste of both time and money. The reason is this: businesses start their marketing campaigns by planning what they are going to do, rather than what they are going to say. 

It’s all too common to hear: 

“Let’s do a video.”

“We’ll run a Facebook advertising campaign.”

“We need a new website.” 

If you, are part of a conversation like this, stop. It’s a tell-tale sign that whatever you’re going to do just isn’t going to move the sales needle. 

The truth is that these conversations miss the fundamentals of marketing that works – a clear and compelling message.

StoryBrand marketing for your business

StoryBrand is the framework for a clear and compelling message.

A clear message is the best and most inexpensive way of connecting with customers, increasing engagement, and growing sales. StoryBrand is a proven 7-part communications framework that helps you craft it. 

It follows the formula of story. And here it is: 

  1. In every story there is a character 
  2. who has a problem
  3. who meets a guide,
  4. who gives them a plan and 
  5. calls them to action
  6. This results in success 
  7. or failure. 

Every great story follows the same formula – think Harry Potter, Star Wars, The Jungle Book… The characters and problems change, but the basic formula remains the same. 

Yes, it’s beautifully simple (that doesn’t mean it’s easy) and it’s a game-changer. 

StoryBrand works on the principle that our customer (not your brand) is a hero and they have a problem. It is the only reason your customer walks through your door or visits your website. As a brand, your business is in the business of solving those problems.

At the heart of your brand story is your customer.

StoryBrand is a framework which causes a small but significant shift in a brands’ thinking. Your brand is not the hero in your story; your customer is. Move away from talking (like most brands do) about you and why you are so great. The truth is that your customer doesn’t care about you and your business (harsh but true). 

What they do care about is themselves, their problems, and whether or not you can help to solve them.

Start putting your customers at the heart of your brand message. Do this and you’ll move away from the traditional “features vs benefits” approach to marketing, and instead, focus on bringing real empathy and connection into the heart of your brand story… a story your customers will want to listen to.

If you need help defining who your customer is, then ask yourself these 8 questions about your target market, here.

StoryBrand helps your brand message be heard.

Like any framework, to follow it takes discipline. Truly understanding your customers and putting yourself in their shoes is hard. Perhaps that’s why so few brands do it… and that leaves an opportunity for you and your brand to do so and stand out from the competition. 

Your brand story will be heard because:

  1. Your customer will recognise themselves as an important part of the story you are telling
  2. Your customers will feel understood
  3. You will position your brand as the guide who to help them through
  4. Customers will see a clear path forward to solve the problems that they are facing
  5. They will be able to envision what success looks like if they do business with you (and be clear about failure that you are trying to help them avoid)

The business benefit of StoryBrand

All this has an inevitable benefit to the all-important bottom-line. No matter what industry you are in when StoryBrand is correctly implemented, you will see an increase in :

  1. Engagement on your social media
  2. Your email open and click-through rates 
  3. The number of leads generated through your website
  4. Customer loyalty
  5. Sales!

Unfortunately, most businesses continue with the old ways of marketing. They focus on themselves and not the success of their customers. This doesn’t need to be you. Don’t waste time and money on marketing that doesn’t work. 

Start StoryBrand marketing for your business today

How much would your brand grow if you were telling the right story? Get in touch for a free discovery call to see how StoryBrand can help you connect with customers and grow your business. 

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